Top 10 AI-Based Mobile Apps For Health And Fitness


Fitbod is a mobile app that creates workouts just for you. It has exercises, tracks how you’re doing, and changes your routine as you get better.

Fitness AI

Fitness AI is your ultimate workout app. It has AI crafts personalized plans based on your preferences, fitness levels, and available equipment.


Aaptiv is a mobile app offering audio-guided fitness classes. Users enjoy diverse workouts, from cardio to yoga, with personalized recommendations.


Freeletics, the favored fitness app, offers personalized workout plans and training programs.


Noom is a wellness and weight management tool that blends psychology, behavior change, and technology.

My Plate

MyPlate App is a user-friendly mobile application designed to aid individuals in achieving health and fitness goals.


The “Calm” app, developed by Ripple Health Group, is a popular mobile application designed to aid in sleep, meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness.


The “Woebot” app is a mental health application offering AI-driven support through conversations.


Healthily is a self-care application incorporating artificial intelligence to facilitate symptom evaluation, aiding users in determining the necessity of a medical consultation.

Hello Heart

Hello Heart is a cost-free application, assists individuals in meticulously tracking blood pressure and cholesterol levels.